• Phone: +39 045 860 0991
  • Mail: info@vftrading.it

V.F.T. S.p.A.

importer of fairtrade bananas, fruit & vegetables made in italy
  • Tel: +39 045 860 0991
  • Mail: info@vftrading.it

V.F.T. S.p.A.

importer of fairtrade bananas, fruit & vegetables made in italy



VFT  is a large and modern Bananas Ripening Centre delivering great products and building a company that cares about our growers, our people, our customers, our environment and the communities where we operate.

VFT believes in the healthy nutrition model that combines quality, freshness and selection of our products.

Ethics, rigorous set of high-quality standards, food safety and personal integrity inspire our way of acting by identifying the people with whom we deal and cooperate every day.

VFT is committed to building long term partnerships with our growers to help us to deliver fruit produced sustainably under safe working conditions, following fair labour practices and with minimum environmental impact.


VFT S.p.A. is a subsidiary company of ALFA 1 Group.

VFT is an Italian Company that has been on the market for several years and is one of the largest and most important Banana Ripening Centre in Northern Italy.

The company’s flagship product is Banana.

VFT imports ripens and distributes not only its own brand of bananas (BANFLOWER*) but also those of the most important brands of the industry.

VFT distributes a wide range of fruit and vegetables products from all over the world with a particular focus on Tropical Fruit, specifically Pineapple and Oranges of the citrus campaign of Argentina and South Africa.

While the majority of our green bananas are imported directly from our selected growers based in Central and South America (Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala), the other fruits and vegetables are mainly coming from South Africa, Israel and Spain.

VFT currently handles in excess of 45.000 tons of bananas a year and it plans to increase its volumes further. In addition, VFT is also expanding its activities in the fruit packaging sector, for both fruit and vegetables thanks to the large distribution capacity of the products sold on the market and to the large retailers and supermarket chains as well as on the traditional Fruit & Vegetables wholesale markets of the main cities of the entire peninsula.

Our  two fully owned factories and warehouses totalling more than 12.000 square meters  of covered area, are strategically located one in Verona and the other one near Milan and altogether are equipped with n. 24 “state-of-the-art” ripening chambers for bananas (for a capacity of about 50,000 cartons at all times) and 3 huge refrigeration rooms with integrated atmospheric control system for the storage of fruit and vegetables that allow us to have the fruit always ready to serve for every supply needs.

Packaging and the strict compliance to the European rules and standards on product quality control are all carefully taking place in-house directly at our factory premises.

We are continuously working to improve and implement ISO standards and BRC certifications.

As part of our continuously expanding business strategy, VFT has recently acquired another warehouse facility of over 10.000 square meters of covered area in Northern Italy in Affianello near the city of Brescia to serve as a cold chain logistics platform.

In addition to being strategically positioned to supply our customers based in the northern part of Italy and in the south of Europe, another important strength of VFT is its flexibility and the corporate dynamism that allows the company to be in line with the changes of the market trends by offering the best products at the most competitive prices.


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